Our water coolers combine the latest in water quality and hygiene technology with significant cost savings compared to bottled water cooler systems.

Our coolers employ the latest direct chill technology. They are Point of Use (POU) plumbed-in Water coolers. The units do not have a water storage tank, and as a result, holds very little water. This eliminates the possibility of water stagnation through storage and ensures that each cup of water is virtually filtered prior to consumption.

It also excludes the possibility of external contamination by employing covered taps which prevents accidental contamination from users’ hands.

We believe that our water coolers are the most aesthetically attractive units available. They are available in floor-standing, high capacity and countertop versions.  Our filtration system is one of the most advanced on the market and features 0.5 micron absolute, bacteriostatic carbon absorption filters as standard. Our coolers and filters are WRAS approved and ISO compliant.

water coolers by freshenup

Our floorstanding and countertop units cost €26.00 plus VAT, per unit per month. This includes the 6 monthly filter change and sanitisation visit as well as all call-outs. Installation is free and very simple. The minimum rental period is 36 months according to our standard terms and conditions.